Mike saw 4 times and Many birds as Gigi. Mike saw 28 birds. Which equation

Mike saw 4 times and Many birds as Gigi. Mike saw 28 birds. Which equation can be used to find how many birds Gigi saw? a. 4x28=n b. 28-4=n c. 4+28=n d. 28+4=n

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Hello there, and thank you for posting your question here on brainly.

Short answer: A. 4 x 28 = n


You can use context clues. So, Gigi saw n birds, Mike saw 4 times as many birds as Gigi. Times is often referred to as multiplication. What is the only equation that shows times, or multiplication? That'd be A. 4 x 28 = n

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FIRST CORRECT ANSWER GETS BRAINLIEST!!! PLS HELP ME!!!!! ONEHUNDRED POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ruth was hauling a wide load out of portland. at 7:00 am she headed north from exit 102 at an average speed of 35 pmh. michael headed north from the same exit at 9:00 am in his pontiac. by 3:00 pm the same day michael was 20 miles ahead of ruth. what was michael's average speed
Solution 1
ruth was out of portland at 35mph at 7:00am
so at 9 am, she was 70 mile ahead of michael
but michael was 20 miles ahead by 3 pm.
so in 6 hours, he went past ruth by 90 miles which is 90/6 = 15mph
michael speed = ruth speed + 15
= 35 + 15
= 50mph

Which number is larger 0.775 or 0.95
Solution 1

0.95 is greater because you can just add a zero to compare it so then it will be 0.950. So 0.775 < 0.950. You can also imagine what is bigger 775 or 950. 950 would be greater than 0.775.

Hope it  helped :)

The scores of several classmates on a language arts test are shown below: 86 points 87 points 87 points 94 points 95 points 82 points 78 points 89 points 80 points 84 points What is the median score for these students? 87.5 points 87 points 86.5 points 86 points
Solution 1


Your answer would be 87.5

Step-by-step explanation:

The reason that I know is because 87 is the most used number in this situation which it then makes it 87.5.

Solution 2


87.5 would be the correct answer!

Step-by-step explanation:

if you follow every set of points then the median would be 87.5

If you want to put a 4x8 piece of plywood through a 3-foot square opening in your ceiling by turning it diagonally, is the opening big enough? Use 45-45-90 triangle since it is a square
Solution 1

The first step is to calculate the length of the diagonal of the square opening.

The length of a diagonal of square =  \sqrt{2}  * side

Given side = 3 feet

Length of the square hole =  \sqrt{2}  *3 = 4.24 feet

since the diagonal is 4.24 feet and the shorter side of the plywood piece is only 4 feet, we can slide it through the square hole diagonally

Answer is YES since the diagonal 4.24 feet is greater than the shorter side of the plywood piece *4 feet

Solution 2
THe diagonal of the 3*3 square = 3* sqrt2 = 4.24 feet   so the answer is Yes.
What is the area of a square
Solution 1
The area of a square is found by multiplying length and width, (which just so happen to be the same number) and the unit of measurement and put the power of 2 at the end (^2).
For example, if a square's length is 4cm, then you can assume the width is going to be 4cm. Finding area, you multiply 4 and 4 to get 16, and the unit of measurement (cm) and square it (^2). Thus meaning this answer would be 16cm^2.

I hope this helps!
Joy and Cullen put some money into their money boxes every week. The amount of money (y), in dollars, in their money boxes after a certain amount of time (x), in weeks, is shown by the equations below: Joy: y = 30x + 20 Cullen: y = 20x + 90 After how many weeks will Joy and Cullen have the same amount of money in their money boxes, and what is that amount? 6 weeks, $150 230 weeks, $7 7 weeks, $150 7 weeks, $230
Solution 1
The answer would be D. 7 weeks, $230. 

Explanation: y would be the total amount after x weeks. So, to find the answer, simply go through your choices and insert x and y. Both y's for Joy and Cullen have to match up for the answer to be correct. 

For answer D, it looks like: 

Joy: 30(7) + 20 = 230
Cullen: 20(7) + 90 = 230

Solution 2


7 weeks, $230

Step-by-step explanation:

i just took the test

An organization will give a prize to a local artist. The artist will be randomly chosen from among 10 painters, 3 sculptors, and 5 photographers. What is the probability that the artist chosen will be a sculptor or a photographer?
Solution 1

The probability is 8/18 or 44%.

Since there are 3 sculptors and 5 photographers, and the question is asking for either a sculptor or photographer, you add them together. There are a total of 18 artists, and the probability is the chance of a certain thing happening over the total amount of things that can happen (i.e. a coin landing on heads is 50%).

The answer would be 8/18.

Solution 2
18 is the total number of artists. 
The longer leg of a right triangle is 4 more than twice the shorter leg. The hypotenuse is 4 less than three times the short leg. What is the value of the hypotenuse?
Solution 1
Let the shorter leg = x

shorter leg =x 
longer leg = 2x + 4
hypotenuse = 3x - 4

Given that a² + b² = c²

x² + (2x + 4)² = (3x - 4)²

Remove brackets : (a + b)² = a² + 2ab + b²:
x² + 4x² + 16x + 16 =  9x² - 24x + 16

Moved all terms to the left:
x² + 4x² + 16x + 16 - 9x² + 24x - 16 = 0

Combine like terms:
-5x² + 40x = 0

Multiply all terms by -1:
5x² - 40x = 0

Take out 5x as common factor:
5x(x - 8) = 0

Apply zero product property:
5x = 0 or x - 8 = 0

x = 0 or x = 8

Since length cannot be zero, shorter leg = 8

shorter leg = 8
Hypotenuse = 3(8) - 4 = 20

Answer: 20 units
If you want to put a 4x8 piece of plywood through a 3 foot square opening in your ceiling by turning it diagonally is the opening big enough? use a 45-45-90 since its a square
Solution 1

Answer: Yes, the 3 foot 3 foot square opening in your ceiling is big enough to insert a  4x8 piece of plywood.


In  a 3x3 foot square, we can form two right triangles with same diagonal side or hypotenuse. .

Using the Pythagorean theorem/formula, we can find the length of the hypotenuse or the longest side of the triangle ( c) given the two sides a and b

Substitute values a=3 and b=3 to formula



9+9= C^2^

C= square root of 18


A 4x8 piece of plywood can be inserted in a 4.24 opening diagonally.


From 1992 through 2007, the purchasing power of a dollar decreased by about 3.5% per a year. Using 1992, as the base for comparison, what was the purchasing power of a dollar in 2007? Formula: y=C(1−r)t $0.48 $0.57 $0.44 $0,59
Solution 1
Answer: fourth option $0.59


1) Given formula: y=C(1−r)^t

I will change t for x just due to editor limitations: y = C(1-r)ˣ

2) In that:

C =$1,
r = 3.5% = 3.5/100 = 0.035
x = t = 2007 - 1992 = 15

3) Compute

y = $1 (1 - 0.035)¹⁵ = $1 (0.965)¹⁵ = $0.586 ≈ $0.59

Answer: $0.59