a strip of wood 78 inches long is to be cut into pieces of 3 and 3/4 inches

a strip of wood 78 inches long is to be cut into pieces of 3 and 3/4 inches long how many pieces can be cut

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Solution 1

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Namely, how many times does 3¾ go into 78?  well, is just their quotient.

let's firstly convert the mixed fraction to "improper", and then divide,

\bf \stackrel{mixed}{3\frac{3}{4}}\implies \cfrac{3\cdot 4+3}{4}\implies \stackrel{improper}{\cfrac{15}{4}}\\\\
\cfrac{\quad 78 \quad }{\frac{15}{4}}\implies \cfrac{\quad \frac{78}{1} \quad }{\frac{15}{4}}\implies \cfrac{78}{1}\cdot \cfrac{4}{15}\implies \cfrac{26}{1}\cdot \cfrac{4}{5}\implies \cfrac{104}{5}\implies 20\frac{4}{5}

so, if we nevermind the 4/5 part, only 20 whole of those then.

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Solution 1
First, figure out the percentage of students that said math is their favorite subject in the 80 student sample.
 \frac{24}{80}  \times  \frac{x}{100}  \\ 80x = 2400 \\ x = 30 \\ 30\%
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The answer is 2x + 15 dollars.
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Add five to 11 it’ll give you 16 then divide that by 2 it’ll give you 8 than plug it in x=8
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Solution 1

\bf \begin{array}{ccccccccc} &&x_1&&y_1&&x_2&&y_2\\ &&(~ -1 &,& 2~) &&(~ 6 &,& 3~) \end{array} \\\\\\ slope = m\implies \cfrac{\stackrel{rise}{ y_2- y_1}}{\stackrel{run}{ x_2- x_1}}\implies \cfrac{3-2}{6-(-1)}\implies \cfrac{3-2}{6+1}\implies \cfrac{1}{7} \\\\\\ \stackrel{\textit{point-slope form}}{y- y_1= m(x- x_1)}\implies y-2=\cfrac{1}{7}[x-(-1)]\implies y-2=\cfrac{1}{7}(x+1) \\\\\\ y-2=\cfrac{1}{7}x+\cfrac{1}{7}\implies y=\cfrac{1}{7}x+\cfrac{1}{7}+2\implies y=\cfrac{1}{7}x+\cfrac{15}{7}

Solution 2


Step 1: Choose (x1, y1). (6,3)

Step 2: x2= -1 y2=2

Step 3: 1/7

Step 4: b= 15/7

What is the equation of the line in slope-intercept form?

B) y=1/7x+15/7

Step-by-step explanation:

The bold numbers are the answers.

( I need mo pts)

A square poster has a side length of 26 in. Drawn on the poster are four identical triangles. Each triangle has a base of 8 in. and a height of 8 in. Children play a game in which they each wear a blindfold and throw a dart at the poster. A player whose dart lands inside a triangle wins a prize. Assuming that a player's dart will always land on the poster, what is the probability of the dart landing in a triangle? Enter your answer, as a decimal rounded to the nearest hundredth, in the box. P(a point on a triangle) =
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P_{triangle}=\frac{4\times\frac{b \times h}{2}}{s^{2}}
P_{triangle}=\frac{4\times\frac{8 \times 8}{2}}{26^{2}}
Solution 2



Step-by-step explanation:

The above answer is correct just remember to put it in decimal form.

Which of the following is not an appropriate unit for acceleration? A.kg/s2 B.mi/hr2 C.m/min/sec D.cm/sec2
Solution 1

Which of the following is not an appropriate unit for acceleration?


answer- kg/s2
Solution 2



Step-by-step explanation:

A kilogram, or kg, is a measure of mass.  This would not be a good unit for acceleration; acceleration is a measure of how far something goes in a given amount of time.  It is a measure of distance over time, not mass over time.

Which unit rate is the lowest price per ounce? Choice A: 6 ounces of chocolate for $3.98. Choice B: 13 ounces of chocolate for $8.18
Solution 1


A) 3.98/6 = 0.6633

B) 8.18/13 = 0.6292

B) has the lowest price per ounce

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13,824 is actually it
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Post the spinner for we can help ya =)
Solution 2
What does the spinner look like
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Solution 1

Using a system of equations, it is found that Tripp weighs 42 pounds and Rico weighs 7 pounds.

What is a system of equations?

A system of equations is when two or more variables are related, and equations are built to find the values of each variable.

In this problem, the variables are given as follows:

  • Variable x: Tripp's weight.
  • Variable y: Rico's weight.

Tripp weighs exactly 35 pounds more than Rico, hence:

x = 35 + y.

Together, they weigh exactly 49 pounds, hence:

x + y = 49

35 + y + y = 49

2y = 14 -> y = 7

x = 35 + y -> x = 42

Hence, Tripp weighs 42 pounds and Rico weighs 7 pounds.

To learn more about a system of equations, you can check brainly.com/question/24342899

Solution 2
Call the weights of the two dogs t and r.

We know that Tripp weights 35lbs more than Rico, or:

We also know that the total weight of both dogs is 49lbs.:

Now, by substitution:
Rico weighs 7lbs.

Tripp weighs 42lbs.

To check our work:
49=49  CHECK!