A fish tank in the shape of a rectangular prism has these dimensions: length

A fish tank in the shape of a rectangular prism has these dimensions: length = 20 inches width = 10 inches height = 12 inches What is the volume of water in the tank when it is 45 full?

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It’s 3 it’s 3 it’s 3 it’s actually 5

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Please help me with this! Will give Brainliest for quickest answer! 1. Which of the following is a geometric sequence? a. 1, 8, 27, 64, 125, ... b. 3, -3/2, 3/4, -3/8, 3/16, ... c. 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, ... d. 25, 20, 14, 7, -1, ... 2. What is the common ratio r in the following geometric sequence? 10, 10/3, 10/9, 10/27, 10/81, ... a. -1/3 b .3 c. 10 d. 1/3
Solution 1
1. A geometric sequence has a common ratio. You can find the ratio by dividing every number by its previous one. If it is consistent, then the series is geometric.
a: 8/1=8, 27/8=3.375
b: (-3/2)/3=-1/2, (3/4)/(-3/2)=-1/2
c. 7/4=1.75, 10/7=1.429
d. 20/25=0.8, 14/20=0.7

Choice b is the only one that has a common ratio, so it is a geometric series.

2. Every term is multiplied by 1/3, so the common ratio is 1/3. d is the answer.
a club has 15 members. How many ways can the club choose a president, vice president, and treasurer? (club rules forbid one person from holding more than one office.) show all work
Solution 1
We'll use permutation from combinations in order to solve this problem. We have to find P_{15} ^{3} , which will be  \frac{15!}{12!} = 15 * 14 * 13 = 2730
Write an equation and solve: Twice a number, increased by 3 is 7.
Solution 1
The equation is 2x+3=7
2x +3=7
      -3  -3
divide both sides by 2
the answer is 2
A cube has a side length of 120 cm, what is its volume in cubic meters? (100 cm = 1 m)
Solution 1
The volume is V=a^3
a=120 cm and a=1.2m
V=120^3=1,728,000 cm^3
V=1,728 m^3

1/5 and 10/50 equivalent
Solution 1
1/5 and 1/50 are equivalent fractions

⇒ 1/5 equivalent fractions

1/5 x 2 = 2/10
1/5 x 3 = 3/15 
1/5 x 4 = 4/20
1/5 x 5 = 5/25

and so on...

⇒ 10/50 equivalent fractions 

10/50 x 2 = 20/100

10/50 x 3 = 30/150
10/50 x 4 = 40/200
10/50 x 5 = 50/250

and so on.... 
Solution 2
1/5 equivalent

10/50 equivalent
Which expression is equivalent to 4 sqrt 24x^6y/128x^4y^5
Solution 1
The first step for finding out if the expression provided is equivalent to  \sqrt{4} is to reduce the fraction with x^{4} .
 \frac{24 x^{2} y}{128 y^{5} }
Now reduce the fraction with y.
 \frac{24 x^{2} }{128 y^{4} }
Finally,, reduce the fraction with 8 to get your final answer.
 \frac{3 x^{2} }{16 y^{4} }
Let me know if you have any further questions.
The yard behind the Cindy’s house is rectangular in shape and has a perimeter of 72 feet. If the length l of the yard is 18 feet longer than the width w of the yard, what is the area of the yard, in square feet?
Solution 1
Think of it like this.  The perimeter is 72 feet.  The length, l, is 18 feet longer than the width, w.  So, l=w+18.

Perimeter is calculated by adding the lengths of all four sides together, AKA adding the length twice and the width twice: l+w+l+w.

Since l=w+18, we can substitute this in for l in the expression above: l+w+l+w=w+18+w+w+18+w

Simplified, we combine like terms, the w's and the 18's: 4w+36.  This is the perimeter.

The perimeter is 72 feet, so 72=4w+36.  To find the width, we need to isolate w.  First, subtract 36 from both sides: 72-36=4w+36-36.  Simplified: 36=4w.  Then, divide 4 on both sides to get w alone.  36/4=4w/4.  w=9.  Therefore, the width of the rectangle is 9 feet.

Since the length of the rectangle is w+18, and w=9, we know that l=9+18=27.  So w=9, and l=27.  The length is 27 feet.

In a rectangle, we find area by multiplying length by width: A=lw.  To find the area of the yard, multiply 27 by 9: A=27*9=243.  Since 27 and 9 are both measurements in feet, the answer is 243 square feet.

Answer: The area of the yard is 243 square feet.
The center of a circle is at (-5, 7) and its radius is 6 units. Which of the following is the equation for this circle? A) (x - 5)2 + (y + 7)2 = 36 B) (x + 5)2 + (y - 7)2 = 36 C) (x - 5)2 + (y + 7)2 = 12 D) (x + 5)2 + (y - 7)2 = 12
Solution 1
(x + 5)² + (y - 7)² = 36 is the equation.

Option B is your answer if I read that right. 
Solution 2
The correct answer is (x + 5)² + (y - 7)² = 36
A family of four (two kids and two parents) spend the day at an amusement park. At the end of the day, the family adds up all of the receipts from their meals: $16.25, $17.96, $3.58, $4.61, $5.23. What is the mean and median cost spent? What does the mean cost represent? Why is the mean cost significantly different from the median cost? Which measurement of central tendency is a better representation of the amount of money that the family spent at the amusement park?
Solution 1

A family of four spent the following for their meals $16.25, $17.96, $3.58, $4.61, $5.23.

Mean cost spent is calculated by:

Total Cost/Number of Meals




Mean Cost represents the average amount per meal the family has spent.

Median cost is the cost that in the middle of the five costs which is $5.23.

The mean cost is significantly different from the median cost because it is higher.

Median cost is a better representation of the amount of money that the family spent because, with regard to meal costs, this means that exactly half of the meals in the amusement park are above this price ($5.23) and exactly half are below. 


Which function is equivalent to y= -cot(x)? A. y= -tan(x) B. y= -tan (x+ pi/2) C. y= tan(x) D. y= tan (x+pi/2)
Solution 1
We know that
tan (A+B)=sin (A+B)/cos (A+B)
sin (A+B)=sin A*cos B+sin B*cos A
cos (A+B)=cos A*cos B-sin A*sin B
for (x+pi/2)
sin A=sin x
sin B=1
cos A=cos x
cos B=0
sin (A+B)=sin x*0+1*cos x------> cos x
cos (A+B)=cos x*0-sin x*1------> -sin x
tan (x+pi/2)=cos x/(-sin x)------> -cot x

the answer is the option
D. y= tan (x+pi/2)
Solution 2


D. y = tan(x + pi/2)

Step-by-step explanation:

this is the correct answer on ed-genuity, hope this helps! :)